Friday, 14 November 2014

WIM thumbnails 92 - 100

Using maya to create a quick scene and photoshop to colour the screenshots.
What I'm looking for is some feedback on the best angles and possibly colours (even though they are a bit basic, i know) so that i can start on my concept painting.
Thaaaaanks :)


  1. I like 100 - though it feels like you need to open out the picture frame, so you're not clipping the top of the building - but I prefer the colours of 99 - less alien; personally, I think a more 'inkwash' or sepia quality might evoke Heath Robinson more so? There's something a bit haphazard and adhoc about lot of Robinson's structures/gadgets - don't forget about that aspect - all the visible mechanics and slight sense of things having been cobbled together - things are looking bit too safe and secure for a Robinson city, don't you think?

  2. I agree with Phil 100's comp works really well, I also like 97

  3. Ok so a 100 it is :)
    Will try and include all the advice in the final concept
    Thanks guys :)