Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WIM Metropolis thumbnails 76 - 91

Feedback will be greatly appreciated. My personal favourite is 78


  1. 78 does looks very interesting, I'm also fond of 80, I love the trains and the other vehicles you've designed. As far as the giant kettle building goes, I get the feeling that 91 is more to Heath Robinsons style, 85 feels to modern and looks a bit out of place.

    Looking great though, can't wait to see you add a splash of colour.

  2. Hey Vlad - for me, 78 is the 'least' interesting, in so much as we're left looking at an essentially open space - our eyes slide off the building on the left and fall into the mid ground. I'd like to see a bit more complexity and gadgetry in the mix - I know we discussed a sort of 'helicopter view' or train view, but perhaps think of a more complex ariel architecture to create more interest, as in...