Sunday, 2 November 2014

The What If Metropolis thumbnails 1 - 64

Heath Robinson did most of the work for me, I am only borrowing ideas from him and I got more acquainted with his style.
Feedback is welcome as usual :)

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  1. again, some lovely pages here, Vlad. How about taking on a big speculative idea to give your city some extra improbability? For example, why not think about looking at the idea of cross-sections? For example - how about showing us the city as a series of layers, Metropolis-style - so we see the power-generation beneath the city and how it feed up into the next layer of the city, and then from that layer up to the next?

    I think it would be worth looking more generally at automata and mechanical toys too to get a nice sense of causality in your city - and also this famous advertisement: