Thursday, 30 April 2015

FV: "Transform" Script







Written By



Vlad Yankov



CAA UCA Rochester


Year 1


Project: Fantastic Voyage





Spores are falling on the ground, spawning amoebas that erupt from behind every rock/ plant.

An overall feeling of happiness and plenty is communicated through the visuals and the music. The different stages of the development of the slime mold are shown through camera movements. The camera zooms in on the amoeba characters, showing that they are eating but soon enough starvation strikes with the drop of the last autumn leaf. The amoebas can’t find food which triggers their instinct to survive through change, communicated by the loss of their eye colour, making the pupil appear white. The amoebas huddle together producing a strong sphere of light . When the light disperses it reveals the feeding plasmodium – the next stage of the development of the slime mold. At the last stage the feeding plasmodium huddles together one last time creating the fruiting body. The animation ends with the fruiting body exhaling spores into the air, repeating the cycle with which “Transform” started.



Fantastic Voyage: "Transform" Final submission

The Art of:


Transform - Life cycle of the slime mold from Garrison Impala on Vimeo.

FV: DVD Cover

Monday, 20 April 2015

FV: Pre Viz

Well this took me awhile! I hope the render times would not take forever :(

FV: Test Renders

Definitely not the final compositions for many of the scenes, was adjusting things as I went along as it takes awhile to render on my laptop :)