Monday, 20 April 2015

FV: Pre Viz

Well this took me awhile! I hope the render times would not take forever :(


  1. Really excited for this Vlad! I pray that Maya is kind and gives you good render times! c:

  2. just a few pointers in terms of flow: as a general rule when you're trying to create 'continuity editing' (i.e. invisiblising the jump between different types of shot) always cut on a movement to a movement, matching the shots in this way; so for example, when we move from the establishing shot of the spores behind the rocks to the closer short of the single spore moving out from behind the rock, cut away from the establishing shot as the spore is moving, and cut to the closer shot as the spore is already moving - this will transition the hard edit more smoothly. This is a general rule - and general rules can be broken, but in terms of flow and pace, I think you should seek to cut on/and using movement to aid continuity.

  3. @ 48 secs, consider putting a subtle 'push forwards' into the scene - so the camera moves towards the action - this will encourage our sense of involvement, and a sense too of moving towards an otherwise hidden process.

  4. @ 58 secs - look at your composition; you're cropping the top and bottom of your character; this doesn't make sense; you should open out the frame a little to ensure your character is in frame and making sense compositionally.

    @1:18 - likewise - the position of the sun etc feels pushed up against the top edge of the frame - a little adjustment would make this compositionally less compromised.

    @ 1.41 - again, a subtle 'push' will make this seem less stilted and will encourage our involvement with the plight of these characters.

    Finally - you don't seem to have an ending yet... how about concluding with a repeat of the opening scene, with the amoeba venturing out for the first time? Something to communicate the cycle...

  5. Thank you, Phil, I'll do my best to change things as I go along and render everything.