Monday, 3 November 2014

WIM OGR Vlad Yankov


  1. This looks really great, but I always find texts written in capital letters really hard to read (because I feel like someone is shouting at me, no joke, my inner reading voice is shouting xD) but you definitely seem to be on the right track to steam ahead with this project!

  2. Thank you Mailin :)
    I picked a font which I though fits in the overall look of my artist, but point taken, it doesn't have lower case and it's a bit hard to read :))

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  4. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hey Vlad,

    I absolutely LOVED your travelogue; what a perfect capture of that world and its culture; and the image of people walking around with pillows for shoes is wonderful! I think you've nailed this world in all its wonderful complexity - like a coral reef of automata - a layer-cake of ingenuity. I like too the way you've combined lots of smaller drawings into a more elaborate scene - which again reflects your understanding of this 'big world' comprised from 'small inventions'. Your production design challenge is this: how to evoke that complexity in terms of your digital set and its components without committing to modelling every last detail? Certainly, that image you envision of the sky teeming with different kinds of transport is a rather delicious prospect - likewise that idea of the block of flats - with each apartment made slightly different by an alternate gadget; again, the image of all those chairs on winches is another lovely detail. It seems to me that you need to get that complexity into your scene through quite a detailed matte-painting, and also that you should commit to a key building that lets you describe the character of the whole city - I think looking at designing one of those apartment blocks might be the way forward, because it would express the lives of the citizens successfully, and keeping the camera high, so we get a sense of all the traffic - so less a shot from a human's point of view on the ground, but maybe as if from the window of the flying train as someone arrives in the city, perhaps passing one of the apartments? The view point I'm thinking about reminds me of this painting by Edward Hopper:

    If you imagine pulling out from this composition to include all the city behind it, the sky traffic, and of course all those winches and airchairs on string, I think you could create a very memorable metropolis.

    In terms of production art and turnaround drawings I predict you're going to be very busy, as there's going to be lots of little components - nothing too complex obviously - this is Heath Robinson after all - but yes, you need to start digging into some detailed design work soon. I'd suggest your very next job should be to produce concept art that seeks to finalise your intended view-point and mood etc.

    Looking forward to seeing this project progress! Onwards!