Thursday, 29 October 2015

Character Design Workshop: weekly update

This week's first exercise was to think of an environment which a character we were given can inhabit. My character was from the game Borderlands (which I haven't played) and this is the environments I came up with.
 The second exercise was to sketch an environment from two random words. Mine were "foreboding mansion". It was fun, even though I am not big on environments/interiors.
My third image is a quick update on some more dragon design concepts for the character project.


  1. I really enjoy looking at your drawing Vlad! I just wish the brown background was a bit ligther or the artwork a bit darker... : (

    1. Sorry Sam, I'll make sure to lighten the background a bit :)
      and thank you <3

  2. I like some of the dragon body shapes coming along. Do I spy lion referencing in the full-body dragon that is in the middle on the left?

    Also the one that's sitting bottom-right: He looks very proud standing like that..