Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Character design workshop initial ideas

The cards I've picked are - prehistoric, speed and pattern.
My idea is for a card game that plays out very quickly just by looking at the patterns in the corner, sort of like a version of rock,paper, scissors but within a prehistoric environment. The characters will be  different tribes of dinosaurs/draconic people, some of which have advantage over others. I will keep the patterns easily recognisable so that the game could be played really fast. Some initial sketches for dragon characters for the game:


  1. Dragons. My one weakness!

    My favourite is probably the one poking his head out of the water. S/he looks very playful.

  2. you might want to check out James Gurney - he loves dinosaurs and makes dinotopia

  3. Thanks Rosalyn, I am a Gurney fan :)