Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tuesday Game night review

We had a blast on Tuesday night playing board and card games. Our group went for “Takenoko” first. It was a really charming board game, wonderfully illustrated and stylised. My favourite part about it were the figurines with which you play – the panda and the gardener. It was also incredibly easy to pick up and the pace increased progressively. The overall impression of it was really positive and I don’t think there were any negative sides about it. It also inspired me for my own game concept where the players are not necessarily playing against each other but are competing against the game itself, bringing the players together instead of dividing them.

A card game was our second choice, it was called “Revenge of the B movie” and was great fun as well. It was much more open rule wise with a lot of options of inventing absurd and funny B movie titles. I think the charm of that game lies in its simple rules and well picked words and expressions that always sound funny, whichever way you combine them. It also leaves the option for being both nasty by reducing your opponent’s overall score or being positive if that’s what you want.

The game night was incredibly fun, even though I don’t really enjoy playing board games in my spare time, I am totally going to invest in some in the near future. J


  1. Vlad - what I like about your blog - and your blogposts - is always how positive and 'open' they are. Your enthusiasm is infectious and cheers me up! Great studentship, great energy :)