Wednesday, 4 February 2015

From Script To Screen: OGR 2


  1. OGR 04/02/2015

    Evening Vlad,

    You've obviously worked very hard to get to this stage; I have two observations to make:

    1) I have a slight issue with the 'supreme' heroism of the lion-tamer's design, in so much as, instead of heroic, he does look a bit like a narcissistic duke or dandified royal. Yes, white expresses purity, but here it's not expressing strength or constancy or reliability or kindness; he sort of looks a tiny bit foppish - I can help feeling he should be more 'masculine heroic' as opposed to 'gentrified' - he looks a bit aristocratic and somehow a bit cruel in these current drawings: maybe someone more squarely heroic: as in

    It just feels as if your hero should be simpler/less dandified than your villain; and the 'completely white' look is hard to make truly heroic, because it can look a bit 'Vegas'... (Your villain is working nicely and great fun).

    2) I think you're missing a bit of set-up information: right now, we have no way of knowing that the villain has been feeding unsuspecting people to his lions, or indeed transforming people for some time; is there a way to show this before we understand the significance; so in the establishing shot, showing more animals in cages looking miserable; showing posters notifying people of 'disappearances - information wanted?' It just feels that we need to be shown the magnitude and repetition of the transformations - before we're lead into the secret of it all.

    In broad terms, you've accomplished a lot in a short period of time and your progress is encouraging.

  2. Thank you for the quick feedback Phil.
    I agree about the lion tamer character, as you can see i had a lot of trouble designing him and that's mainly why I asked you about good books on the subject. Will definitely go back to the drawing board and redesign him.

    About your second observation, I have some ideas, now that you've mentioned it. Will do a quick update on the storyboard and see if it works.

    Thanks again