Thursday, 5 February 2015

Character REdesign: the Lion tamer

After the OGR feedback i worked on a better version of my lion tamer character. I think this one works better and it also fits with the overall style of the rest of the circus.
Feedback welcome :)
The first page is the initial thumbnails that led me to the final design.

1 comment:

  1. he looks much more masculine now, and his costume makes him feel strong and on message, as opposed to 'disco diva' ;) I wonder if his beard and hair should be more 'mane-coloured', and not that black - it does make him look a bit like an Italian lothario - like 'lock up your daughters' - I think he needs to look gentler/strong/simpler; there's a sweetness to him in the drawing on the right page, top right; I don't know, but maybe he needs less of a pointy jaw and nose; maybe you need a bit more of this:

    The important thing is for him not to look like a sort of male buffoon - a stuffed shirt, a strutting peacock - someone instead with a deep respect for animals and a sort of internal masculinity, as opposed to a 'showy' masculinity - does this make sense?