Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final Outcomes, Invisible Cities

And here are my final paintings, starting with exterior establishing shot:

Exterior low angle shot:
And an interior shot:

For some very strange reason, the coulours are much more different on every other monitor I look at them, when I painted them they were saturated. Need to double check why this happens.


  1. They are absolutely beautiful, the only thing that I can criticize is that the curtains in the interior shot don't seem to have any body to them, they cut off at the sides in unnatural ways (in my opinion) so maybe try and make them a bit fuller if you get the time. Great work! :D

  2. What light source is outside the interior scene? Also when is the deadline? Do you have time to re-work the perspective at all?

  3. Deadline is tomorrow, will try to re-work it, the light source is natural - the sun