Wednesday, 8 October 2014

First life drawing class

I enjoyed it a lot. The installation was quite intimidating (thanks for that Phil) but it was still great fun
After the initial "warming up" we turned to negative space drawing which was way more enjoyable than the first session.
I was focusing on the overall shape of the structure and added the negative space inbetween. The last part was even more fun.
I used a red pen, which isn't very visible on the photo) a graphite pencil, a rubber and a white oil pencil.


  1. 3rd drawing is wonderful, Vlad! Sooo structural, I can almost feel it - chunky, perspectival and very dynamic! good job!

  2. Hey, I agree the 3rd one is really nice. Life Drawing was always my favourite class (when there was an actual model that is) Try to make sure your photos are in focus though, maybe if you have a better camera at home, roll your piece up after class and stick it to your wall with good lighting, and maybe crop out a little so the image is just your artwork (just a tip for a clean and tidy blog presentation) :)