Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Black Agnes - Robes concept

Forgot to upload what I did a few days ago. The main idea was to make the fabric creepy and to tell the story (that would be mainly in the texturing phase - like splattered blood, children hand prints, etc)


  1. So - in addition to the model (which I'm presuming is going to be static - a sort of tableau?) - what else are you going to do to bring her alive - little animated features, great sound design, great lighting? A bit of spoken word narrative? What's the plan to ensure this is 'more' than an object? I'd like to hear your thoughts :)

  2. Hi Phil, yes the model will be static. I am focusing on modeling and texturing, hopefully that would be enough along with the Art of document to convey the story. But I am open for suggestions. Maybe I can add fireflies in the scene that fly and emit light?

  3. You love those fireflies don't you? There's a discussion here about using animation to enrich your tableau - for example, one way might be to animated firelight that we don't see, but we see flickering on the model - as if the firelight is 'off stage' so to speak; or you have some moving clouds behind the trees that occludes the moonlight (and the model falls in shadow) and then clouds move off and we see the model illuminate again - just touches that bring life and atmosphere to the piece.