Friday, 26 February 2016

The Praying Mantis Character

This Character needed to have the silhouette of a praying mantis but still look like a person that might be hiding underneath. Since the Head shape of this insect resembles two big heads the personality of that character came through as a twofaced and very creepy. The praying mantis is cunning and its dance is seductive but the end goal is obviously for the participant to be devoured. This character also lies and promises the beauty of the butterfly using its wings but again this only serves the purpose of entrapment and deceit.

 A slightly more refined version of the character again, placed in a theatrical environment.


  1. I really like this idea and the art is beautiful but I am just not sure about the head piece - it seems like it doesn't belong. What is its purpose?

  2. It was suppose to tie in with the art nouveau style of the butterfly character since they are like opposites? Might be because the perspective on the second painting is a bit scewed and it looks stuck on?
    Always appreciate your feedback though, thank you x