Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Adaptation A: Final Submission




  1. Hey Vlad,

    I've got some corrections for you - and I just hope you have time to fix:

    As many as 1 in 10 Women can have Polycystic syndrome (so no *a*)

    Touching a man's beard in the middle ages was considered offensive and *grounds* for a duel

    Beards can help filter out dust, pollen and prevent *allergies*

    Fix them! (You've got time!)

  2. Whoops,
    Well spotted Phil,
    all fixed now )
    Thank you

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  4. In terms of improving your infographic there’s one piece of criticism that I’d like you to consider. To put this simply there is a layer of animation missing from your work. For example in the “Touching a man’s beard is grounds for a duel” scene we should end with guns going off (probably from within the beard or similar). Each scene repeats the same problem, there is staging (a graphical setup), a description (a verbal setup), and then no animated pay-off (visual gag). It’s like a series of jokes without a punchline. This is a shame because the ‘set up’s’ are very good, the graphics too, and theirs loads of fun in your facts. However, without the visual punchline it all feels a little mechanical and falls flat. Another way to sum this problem up is that there is personality in your script, personality in your designs, but not the same level of personality in your animation. This is important to note because the goal of the project was to create ‘engaging’ information, personality is the key to doing that. I’d also argue that your script/ topic demanded a high level or animation personality (humour) - Its an absurd type of topic.

    Vlad, there is a lot of good work here and its only slight let down by a missing level of animation. If you have time I’d suggest going back to your work and adding the missing elements. It’s worth it due to the projects strong design DNA.