Thursday, 26 November 2015

Character Design Workshop: Final session

We had some fun designing specific characters and their environments this week. First one I did was Jetpack Jones, along with some symbol designs for Galactic Aviation Force and some plasma gun designs.
Second one was Tessa Storm and a few tool designs.

Final one was an environment, in my case it was Bio Lab 77, which is supposed to be filled with carnivorous plants and completely taken over by them. The plant design is in the bottom right corner and at the top are the poor scientists taken over by the spores, walking around, zombified :)

1 comment:

  1. The plant monnster in the biolab set reminds me of the Tryffids. But not in a bad way considering the tone of the project we were working on. I can see a Vlad Productions Biolab 22 being very, very creepy to play through.

    Jetpack Jones however looks a little bendy to me. And his head might be a little on the small side.