Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WIM Final Scene

Adjusted some of the colours, added some more depth of field and bump mapped (and specular mapped where it looked good) the buildings. I did what I could really. :)

Just for comparison I left the older version on here too, it doesn't have texture in the sky and it really looks separated from the models in the foreground...


  1. Hey Vlad - just popping by with a quick observation: for me, the matte painting is too much 'just a drawing' - you have an illustrative style in your world, but it's more than a drawing; I suggest you might seek to give your sky etc. a more 'papery' texture to bring it in line with everything else in the scene? To me, it feels too visually separate... time for a bit more development/refinement?

  2. Gotta agree with Phil! But apart from this it's looking so adorable, great job!! Maybe you can make some little clouds shaped like the ones in your matte painting to blend it in more; all about those layers n' stuff :^3

  3. updated :) thank you for the constructive feedback <3