Monday, 15 May 2017

Year 3 - Final Submission (Black Agnes)

Art Of:

 Reflective Statement:

The major project took me on a journey of exploration. I researched themes and stories that I am normally very interested in, making the final submission a lot more personal to me.  It all started as a vague idea and I am happy with the back-story and the final outcome that came up with. I feel like my confidence has grown dramatically when it comes to 3D and I am secure in my own abilities and ready to explore modelling, rigging, skinning, texturing, rendering and animation a lot more.
The major thing that I am taking away with me from this project (and this course) is the ability and confirmation that if I set my mind on anything and work hard towards it, I will eventually be happy with the result.
I also feel like this project is more of a beginning instead of an end of my artistic journey, I am inspired to keep learning and keep improving.

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