Thursday, 14 January 2016

Adaptation Part A: Narrowing down the beard facts

After a fascinating research into the world of facial hair I can only say that my love for beards was deepened to a point of an obsession :)

The Top ten facts about beards that made it to the list are:
10. Facial hair grows faster in the summer.
9. Protects your face from the elements and provide a cushion from a face injury.
8. 55% of men in the world have facial hair.
7. Touching a man's beard in the Middle Ages was considered offensive and grounds for a duel.
6. In 345 Alexander the Great forbade his soldiers to have beards to prevent enemies from pulling them in battle.
5. The longest beard in the world belonged to a Norwegian man and it was 17.4 feet long.
4. Beards can help filter out dust or pollen and help if you have allergies.
3. In ancient Egypt metal beards were a sign of godliness and status and even women wore them.
2. Someone who loves or studies beards is called a "pogonophile".
1. A man who shaves spends roughly 3,350 hours of his life in the bathroom. (what a wasted time)

After I come up with visuals for those facts I would like to add famous people with beards/facial hair at the end. Some names are:

Abraham Lincoln
Charlie Chaplin
Salvador Dali
Charles Darwin

I think if we are OK with those facts I can start designing the look of the infographic, so feedback would be good :)


  1. maybe something about 'bearded ladies'?

  2. :)
    As many as 1 in 10 women of childbearing age can have Polycystic ovary syndrome which results in unwanted facial hair.
    Instead of number 10?

  3. You forgot to list me as a famous person with a beard, I'll forgive you this time

  4. hold on, I'm also a famous person with a beard, right? I had a beard before beards were even a thing! And yes - women with beards instead of number 10. And anyway, Charlie - that isn't a beard ;)

  5. Awesome,
    and yeah, designer stubble counts as an attempted beard, not an actual one! :)