Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Hero(ine's) Journey in "Pan's Labyrinth"

"Pan's Labyrinth" (2006) directed by Guillermo Del Toro is a visual masterpiece and a great example for the hero's journey, even though some of the main events do not follow the recipe strictly. Also I couldn't help it - a fan art of my all time favourite film.

The call to adventure: Happens almost straight away, when Ofelia finds a piece of a statue in the middle of a road in the forest, she puts the pieces together which makes a strange insect to appear.

The refusal of the call: When Ofelia's mother says she shouldn't read fairy tales and that magic isn't real.

Supernatural aid: A fairy enters Ofelia's room and guides her to the labyrinth.

Crossing the threshold: Going at the labyrinth's center and meeting the faun for the first time.

The belly of the whale: The first trial inside the ancient fig tree.

Road of trials: The faun mentions that there are a series of trials which happen until the very end of the film, the first one however is facing and defeating the giant frog that holds a golden key.

Meeting the God(dess) since Ofelia is a heroine, the God in this context is the faun or Pan, however this is their second encounter and the faun presents himself as a more godlike creature

Woman as temptress: Again the faun shape shifts into someone who tempts Ofelia of a world where she will be a princess, he appears behind the clock in her room giving her instructions and warning her of her next trial.

Atonement with Father (Mother in this case): Ofelia helps her mother by taking care of a magic root that she places under her bed.

Apothesis (God-Like): Ofelia escaping the monster from the second trial.

The ultimate boon: The rebels attack in the woods around the mansion, trying to defeat the captain.

Refusal of return: In this case it is not Ofelia that reuses to return to her real family, it is the faun who is disappointed in her and says she will forever remain mortal and in pain.

Magic flight: In this case the birth of Ofelia's brother is the thing that triggers the final events. Ofelia loses her mother at the birth and has nothing more to lose in this world.

Rescue from without: The faun gives Ofelia one last chance of redemption and instructs her on what to do next.

Crossing the return threshold: Entering the labyrinth with her brother in her arms, running from the captain.

Master of two worlds: Refusing to spill her brother's blood and successfully completing the final trial. Sadly Ofelia doesn't know that yet and she is shot by the captain, spilling her own blood at the altar.

Freedom to live: Awakening in the other world, surrounded by her true family.

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