Monday, 2 March 2015

"Fantastic Voyage" OGR 1


  1. OGR 02/03/2015

    Hey Vlad - great to see you've been crunching through these early stages; I like the later thumbnails, where things get crisper and more stylised, with a greater sense of 'pattern' and more essentialised shapes - in terms of the black + colour + the 'essentialisation' of shapes, I feel compelled to share the work of print-maker Angie Lewin with you:

    The only thing I'd say re. your current thumbnails is that all the grey/yellow tones are creating a slightly grubby, melancholy universe, and maybe things could get punchier and more appealing if you weren't mixing grey into everything? Another game reference you might want to look at in terms of colour and collections of clean shapes is this:

    So, categories of repeated organic shapes as opposed to too much variation (which is why I like thumbnail 14).

    Anyway - there's a lot of charm and I like the direction in which you're headed, I just think right now, your world looks a bit too melancholy because of the yellow/black tonality. Onwards!

  2. LOVE your thumbnails! I know you were very desperate to keep the colour palette you were going for (and it makes sense with the zombie-fied slime mold storyline idea) so maybe you could have some parts of the story in full bright lovely colour; when the slime molds are "happy" and others in that post-apocalyptic style to signify when they're getting hungry. (You mentioned to me the idea about the clock-phase thingy - it could work with that as you are bringing the sequences in and out!)